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Husband of One, Father of Four

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372. Quotes: Your Dad on Giving In or Maturing

“Giving in takes no courage or wisdom or greatness within; it only takes a weak fool. The shrinking violet eschews maturity by giving in to illicit choices, but the inspiring and hardy rose rises above even the thorns growing from within.”

—Your Dad

256. Commit

Pencils are weak.

Commit. Use a pen.

201. Sell Out

If you can ever be bought, it only means one thing: You sold yourself too cheaply.

64. Moral and Social Weakness

Moral and social weakness is a learned trait — a habit formed by practice — not a personality type. It starts in your thoughts, makes its way into your words, and finally governs your actions.

Being too paralyzed to take a stand does not happen by accident.

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