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478: Quote: John Wesley on Vice

“Vice does not lose its character by becoming fashionable.”

—John Wesley

426. The Legacy of Overcoming

We are not wounded by the victories of character in our parents, but by how their character has failed.

That means, then, that a large portion of parenting is being able to overcome your own vices in such a way that you pass on your victories to your children rather than your failures.

374. Quotes: Your Dad on Liberation

“Virtues liberate us to be fully human, to live enthralled in every moment, to be boldly alive.”

—Your Dad

373. Vices Enslave

There is no slavery so entrenching as any activity or motivation that is the opposite of virtue.

315. False Humility

False humility is as sickening as arrogance. But at least with arrogance, the person is more than willing to admit it.

False humility is overblown pride and self-centeredness, with the faintest sheen of deprecation. It’s bad acting that is jealous for an ever-growing spotlight.

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