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505. Savage Opportunists

You will be at many parties and functions with alcohol. The easiest way to not be pressured into drinking is to always have the drink of your own choice already in your hand. And if you put it down and look away, don’t drink out of it again. An uncontrolled drink is an opportunist’s Trojan horse; their aim is to brutalize your dignity for their own savage desires.

502. The Enemy of Your Marriage

Treat anything that attempts to separate you from your spouse as a great enemy. Defend your marriage, disclose the situation to your spouse, strengthen the bond between you, and declare your trust, affection, and faithfulness to your spouse right to the enemy’s face. Stop them in their tracks and let nothing come between you. Fierce love protects fiercely and trusts fully.

486. Siblings Forever

We’re your parents and we’ll fight for you, but your siblings will be your closest and most faithful comrades throughout life if you let them. Nurture trust in that relationship and encourage each other often. Go to bat for each other. The investment is well worth the return for a forever friend.

466. Without Reservation

Love and serve your spouse without reservation. Anything less will be sensed and resented.

233. True Friends

True friends are willing to intrude into your delusions. You must only be willing to let them.

217. Self-reliance

Self-reliance is a myth. In every category, there will always be much that you do not know or understand. For every piece of information you know or believe, at some point you will have to take more on either credibility or faith.

It is the same with everyone. We all accept things on either credibility or faith.

31. Integrity

As with so many other things, there is no substitute for integrity. Give someone a legitimate reason to doubt your integrity, and they will not look at you the same.

Do what you know you are supposed to do, and don’t do the things you are not supposed to do. All the time. It really is this simple.

24. Opposing Viewpoints

Do not trust someone who is unwilling to thoroughly investigate an opposing viewpoint. One month of study is not thorough.

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