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217. Self-reliance

Self-reliance is a myth. In every category, there will always be much that you do not know or understand. For every piece of information you know or believe, at some point you will have to take more on either credibility or faith.

It is the same with everyone. We all accept things on either credibility or faith.

214. Wasted Day

Define what you believe to be a wasted day. Resolve never to have one.

For me, a wasted day is when I do not learn something new.

200. Teamwork Versus Cheating

There is a difference between teamwork and cheating. One is expected, the other is abhorred.

Don’t confuse the two.

199. Write Early

Write your papers ahead of time, then leave them alone for a week or two. When you read them again, you will easily see improvements that need to be made.

197. Professor’s Recommendation

When you enjoy and are engaged in a class in high school or college, get a scholarship recommendation from the professor.

195. Outline

Learn how to write an outline. Thinking in this analytical way is actually a life skill.

180. Cool Water

The water bottle was a great idea, but it needs some help to stay cold all day. Fill it about halfway and lay it on its side in the freezer overnight. Fill it before you walk out the door the next morning and it will stay cold all day.

177. Cell

A single human cell is as complex and frenetic as a booming city, but on a microsopic scale.

175. Real Definitions

Don’t use kid language, slang, or baby talk to explain to your children. You’ll be amazed at how much they understand and how much more they will want to know.

By the age of three and four, you two oldest knew the definition of words like homonym and condensation, and could use them correctly.

174. Dividing by Three

I didn’t find this out until I was 30, so I’m telling you now.

If you need to know if a big number can be divided by three, add the individual digits together. If the sum can be divided by three, so can the actual number.


  • 397: 3+9+7=19. Nineteen cannot be divided by three evenly, so neither can 397.
  • 4192: 4+1+9+2=16. Sixteen cannot be divided by three evenly, so neither can 4192.
  • 642: 6+4+2=12. Twelve can be divided by three evenly, so 642 can as well.
  • 9225: 9+2+2+5=18. Eighteen can be divided by three evenly, so 9225 can as well.

Just a little something for your educational future.

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