Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

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463. Don’t Answer

Son, never answer any question that begins with, “If you were on a deserted island and you knew you’d never see me again . . .”

It is always a trap.

In fact, never answer hypothetical questions.

453. Don’t Ask

Son, don’t ask a woman if she is pregnant, ask your wife if she is.

335. Joy Internal

Things can give pleasant distraction for a time. But, take it all away and enter into silence with one question: What is left?

It must be something inside that gives joy, or even mere happiness will always be elusive.

274. Quotes: Gabriel Marcel on Mystery

“A mystery is a problem that encroaches upon itself because the questioner becomes the object of the question. Getting to Mars is a problem. Falling in love is a mystery.”

—Gabriel Marcel (December 1889–October 1973), French existentialist philosopher

240. Tragedy

Personal tragedy is not easy, but it is a gift. Without it, our priorities would be perpetually skewed.

213. Ask

Ask questions—hundreds of them on a single subject—until you begin to understand.

29. Find Out

“I don’t know,” is a legitimate answer as long as it is followed by, “but I’ll find out.”

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