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508. Reputation

Don’t let short-term choices ruin your long-term reputation.

418. Utopian Emptiness

Often we hear something along the lines of, “Someday technology or science will help us with or prove that fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever.” This is the definition of faith. Hopeful of some abstract future, the present problems are dismissed rather than dealt with in any real way.

This is like promising tomorrow’s stunning sunrise to the blind.

373. Vices Enslave

There is no slavery so entrenching as any activity or motivation that is the opposite of virtue.

336. Helvetica’s Use

If you must use the Helvetica typeface, don’t use it in paragraphs; that’s not what it was created for. (And don’t even mention the pariah, Arial.)

Helvetica’s character forms are not distinct enough, the shapes are pushed toward the outside of the space they hold, which makes them oddly squat, and the leading (fixable) and counter spaces (unfixable) are too tight in automated templates where the point size is small. These problems start getting reduced only as the words get into heading and display sizes — around 16 points or so. But, then use it for headings and not for text; and feel free to use all caps here. That’s where Helvetica can shine.

274. Quotes: Gabriel Marcel on Mystery

“A mystery is a problem that encroaches upon itself because the questioner becomes the object of the question. Getting to Mars is a problem. Falling in love is a mystery.”

—Gabriel Marcel (December 1889–October 1973), French existentialist philosopher

216. Simpler

Always look for a simpler solution. The Russians used a pencil in space instead of a pen.

168. Algebra

Algebra creates its own problems.

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