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481. Military Enlistment

If you join the military — and I don’t think you necessarily should — follow a few guidelines:

  • If you must enlist, join the Air Force. You’ll have a nicer life and your own place.
  • Don’t enlist “open general”.
  • Only sign up when the contract lists a precise job. But know that the contract has a clause which says they can change your job at their preference and without notice.
  • Take as much school and pass as many CLEP tests as you can while you are in. The military will pay for much of it during your enlistment and your CLEP results will give you college credit without making you pay for or take the classes.
  • If given the opportunity, choose the higher investment into your military college fund. You will need every dollar you can get.
  • The military is not for everyone. If it’s not for you, get out and do what you like. If it is for you, do your best. That should go for everything, though.
  • Yeah, do your best at everything. Don’t be afraid to fail; do your best at everything. You’ll do great.

    440. Well Spent

    You should spend more time taming your tongue than taming your hair; more time training your thoughts than training with weights; more time taking in ideas than spelling out your own; more time seeking truth than gathering verbal ammunition; more time investing in others than seeking your fame; more time arguing for justice than arguing your case.

    439. Instrumental Value

    There are few things worth what you pay for them. Instruments are one of those things, partially for how long they will last and partially for how well they can communicate from your soul.

    404. Quotes: Warren Buffett on Investing

    “Be fearful when others are courageous, and be courageous when others are fearful.”

    —Warren Buffett, speaking of investing in turbulent economies

    368. We

    The way your married friends use we versus I will tell you everything about how they view their partnership and how invested they are.

    And don’t believe a guy who says he can’t use we. He sure does for his favorite team.

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