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509. Five Attributes of a Great Chef, from the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”

“A great chef has five attributes.

1. They take their work very seriously, and consistently perform at the highest level.

2. They aspire to improve their skills.

3. Cleanliness: If the restaurant doesn’t feel clean, the food isn’t going to taste good.

4. Impatience: They are better leaders than collaborators.

5. A great chef is passionate.

Jiro has all five of these attributes. He’s a perfectionist.”

—From the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”

499. Good Side

There are a few people you just don’t mess with: your doctor, the person making your food, your mechanic, and those handling your paycheck. Stay on their good side.

498. Quote: Your Dad on Diet Food

“I’m calling it: If celery is a diet food based on how much work your body does, so are barbecued ribs.”

—Your dad

479. Dining Room Table

Have kids? Get a table without any planks or channels, otherwise every piece of runaway food will get stuck there and every spilled drink will flow through the cracks.

423. Food for Newborns

Never give honey to a newborn baby. And don’t give cabbage or broccoli to a new mother.

276. Pregnancy Cravings

If she’s pregnant, son, get her what she wants whenever she wants it.

If you’re pregnant, daughter, make your requests reasonable.

252. Waitresses (Server)

Don’t eat where the waitresses are too skinny. If they don’t eat there, you shouldn’t either.

248. Spicy

I don’t eat spicy, hot foods because, really, who wants to get burned in the mouth?

211. Steak

Life without steak is just wrong.

144. Gourmet

If the restaurant has a drive-through, it’s not gourmet.

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