Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Tag: flowers

380. Marvel

I maintain that you are not alive to beauty unless you can be compelled to marvel at a roadside flower in silence.

372. Quotes: Your Dad on Giving In or Maturing

“Giving in takes no courage or wisdom or greatness within; it only takes a weak fool. The shrinking violet eschews maturity by giving in to illicit choices, but the inspiring and hardy rose rises above even the thorns growing from within.”

—Your Dad

338. Simple Appreciation

Take time to appreciate simple things, like listening to the crisp patter of snow as it falls onto the ground or the sparkles in the petals of an orchid.

260. Carnation

Son, don’t ever give a woman a carnation. It’s a sure sign you don’t have a clue.

Daughter, carnations are a man’s way of saying he didn’t care enough to put more thought into it. Not the kind of man you want to be with.

230. No Reason

Flowers for no reason are best.

229. Flowers

Son, never buy an arrangement of flowers off the shelf. Learn how to put your own together.

It’s simpler than you think. Pick a main color that will serve as the background, then pick one either complimentary or contrasting color. You can use as little as one flower for the contrast. At least one of them should be able to diffuse its pleasing fragrance throughout the room.

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