Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Tag: driving

496. In Front

Stay upwind of the 18-wheelers with all the open slats.

456. Driving Rule

No music for your first year of driving.

412. Speed Limit

The speed limit is there so you can go it.

360. Restroom Hassle

Have your children use the restroom before they leave the house. It’ll save you some hassle while you’re out.

337. Snow Driving

Double your following distance when driving in snow. Save the thrill of a close call for sledding.

188. Blinkers

Always. No excuses.

187. Turning Right

Don’t swing wide to turn right. Stay in your lane.

86. Driving Lessons

Your first driving lessons won’t be about keeping your hands at ten and two or blindspots. It will be about changing a tire and filling it up with air, changing the oil, and checking fluid levels.

34. Driving

When driving, you are never in front.

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