Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

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376. Whistlestop

Don’t whistle to the music in a public waiting room.

358. Quotes: Your Dad on Unreasonable Expectations

“You cannot expect someone else to live according to your belief system any more than they should expect that of you.”

—Your Dad

352. Communication

Don’t speak louder to a blind person. The only change in communication you should make is to someone who is hard of hearing, with whom you may speak louder, or to a child, with whom you should speak more simply.

351. Mind Your Elder

It would do you well to spend time around the elderly. There is no room for arrogance in the final stages of life, and this is where we are all headed.

349. Truth Plus

Speaking the truth without compassion, love, or grace is just being rude.

309. Manhood

Son, do not in any way use a woman and then scurry for cover like a cockroach startled by light.

Be a man.

304. Returned

Clean it and fill it — the rules for returning what you’ve borrowed.

302. Trade Seats

Trade seats with the family flying with children so they can sit together, even if it is for a middle seat. Don’t be selfish.

Or stupid, either. Think this through: Do you want to be the one to comfort the hysterical four-year-old — to be the scary stranger trying to soothe, entertain, and take full responsibility for them? No, you don’t. And you shouldn’t.

288. Amiability

Supercilious disregard is as undermining as overt hostility.

Even when you strongly disagree with someone, keep your emotions in control and your attitude amiable.

284. Tolerance and Intolerance

Intolerance is the unwillingness to allow variant perspectives, opinions, beliefs, or choices to be discussed; it’s the outright denial of their validity, leaving no room for dialogue.

Tolerance means you understand a perspective, but it does not necessitate celebrating or encouraging that perspective. Tolerance employs a cordiality toward the other person even while disagreeing.

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