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215. Guys and Girls

Guys: The color of your belt and shoes should match. Stick with brown or black for everyday wear, go with black for special events.

Girls: When you dress up, set the color theme, then accessorize with a contrasting color.

Guys: Compliment her shoes and her hair, but not in the same sentence. Saying, “Wow,” is not enough; grunting is demeaning.

Girls: Complimenting the small acts of kindness and effort will compel him to do more.

Guys: Treat her like your queen and maybe she will be.

Girls: Treat him like a king and he may pursue that honor.

141. Parenting Compliment

When someone compliments your parenting, thank them for the courtesy but realize that the jury is still out for another twenty years.

123. Quotes: Shawn Blanc on Compliments and Corrections

“Personal compliments or corrections are only as good as the character and integrity of the person who gives them.”

—Shawn Blanc, my friend (shawnblanc.net)

121. Quotes: Encouragement

“Let the first thing you say brighten everyone’s day.”

“Be the first to say hello.”

“Compliment three people every day.”

—Josephine Blanc, Shawn Blanc’s grandmother (shawnblanc.net)

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