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Husband of One, Father of Four

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389. Confidence

A firm handshake and straight answers should say enough.

369. Unique Love

Many parents try to say they love their children the same, that no child is loved more than another. But this sounds odd when put in another context, like food, films, or other friends. We don’t love those exactly the same, we love them for what they are.

We do not love you the same, we love you each uniquely — just as you are, for who you are, and completely.

315. False Humility

False humility is as sickening as arrogance. But at least with arrogance, the person is more than willing to admit it.

False humility is overblown pride and self-centeredness, with the faintest sheen of deprecation. It’s bad acting that is jealous for an ever-growing spotlight.

269. Character’s Path

Your character is composed somewhat from the doors you have chosen to walk through, the path you have chosen to take. Make choices from the perspective of an outsider looking back over your path because, like it or not, someone is watching your choices now, and someday you will have to revisit those choices.

190. Look Within

When you notice lack in someone else’s life, improve that same area in yourself first before you talk with them.

123. Quotes: Shawn Blanc on Compliments and Corrections

“Personal compliments or corrections are only as good as the character and integrity of the person who gives them.”

—Shawn Blanc, my friend (shawnblanc.net)

87. Christian Expectation

Christians are called to be salt and light — meaning, beneficial and active in this world — not ambiguous and uninvolved.

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