Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

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412. Speed Limit

The speed limit is there so you can go it.

310. Engine Temperature

Your engine’s temperature gauge shouldn’t go over the halfway point. If it does, there’s something wrong. Check your coolant first.

304. Returned

Clean it and fill it — the rules for returning what you’ve borrowed.

241. Vehicle Purchase

Don’t be fooled: You may enjoy a vehicle, but there is no such thing as getting a great deal on it. They are built to deteriorate, to depreciate, and to dissatisfy as time goes on.

206. Name Your Vehicle

Have fun naming your first vehicle.

Mine was called the Brown Turd, a late-’80s gold Datsun that had lost its sheen. After that came the Bondo-mobile, a rusted out ’86 Toyota Corolla with a hole in the trunk so big that you could reach in and take stuff out. Rain was my enemy, but California was my home at that time, so it didn’t rain often. Among other improvements, I epoxied wire screening to the inside of the trunk and covered it with Bondo™. It was a great learning experience.

And it was the first of four free cars I have been given over the years. Yes, four and yes, free.

158. Your Music

If the neighborhood wanted to hear your music, they’d invite you inside. Car windows up or music down. Seriously.

86. Driving Lessons

Your first driving lessons won’t be about keeping your hands at ten and two or blindspots. It will be about changing a tire and filling it up with air, changing the oil, and checking fluid levels.

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