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445. Myopic Arrogance

Myopia worsens with increased arrogance.

351. Mind Your Elder

It would do you well to spend time around the elderly. There is no room for arrogance in the final stages of life, and this is where we are all headed.

323. Essay: The Shrewdness of God

When I say shrewd, I mean having sharp powers of judgment; being astute, clever, and wise.

Many have received a promise from God within a certain situation, only to be taken out of the situation without completing their task. They are immediately disappointed because they feel God has broken a promise. Keep in mind a few things during these times. The promise was most likely true, but it did not revolve around you; God can still get it done even with you out of the picture. He wanted you to get done as much as you could possibly do, and you now have fulfilled your current role, completed your current task.

God is so astute that He knows more about what makes us human than we do ourselves. He is shrewd when it comes to dealing with our egos and our arrogance. You could say He tricks us for our own good. But here’s the most important part. Would you really have gotten so much done if God had not convinced you that you would be the major player?

315. False Humility

False humility is as sickening as arrogance. But at least with arrogance, the person is more than willing to admit it.

False humility is overblown pride and self-centeredness, with the faintest sheen of deprecation. It’s bad acting that is jealous for an ever-growing spotlight.

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