This, of course, is a WordPress blog. The theme is a minimalist one-column workhorse called Manifest by Jim Barraud. The focus is on simple design and excellent typography, which I love, and which I discuss at my other site, Opinionated Type. I am serving up typographical fanciness on this site via In fact, clicking on the Typekit badge at the bottom right corner of the screen will give you a quick overview of the typography and help you create your own style for your site. Go ahead, it’s good stuff.

Barraud coded this theme in Hermann Zapf’s Palatino for most everything (header, entry titles, captions, body text) and John Hudson’s Constantia for paragraph headings. Unfortunately he tossed in Helvetica for the date stamp, which feels as inappropriate as adding a pinball-won rabbit’s foot to a Maserati keyring.

I switched everything to Gesta by Rui Abreu to get a sans that was clear and readable at small sizes and to bring some modernity to the minimal palette. For the header and the entry headings I wanted a credible serif that felt historical and somewhat smooth. Jos Buevinga’s Calluna serves that purpose well and looks like it was practically made to be typeset.

Because excellence matters, I use all Apple Inc. stuff: iPod, iMac, MacBook Pro, and the like. If you’re using Internet Explorer for your Web browsing, do yourself a favor and upgrade to either Safari or Firefox by clicking on their links. They’re faster and they render text and images better.