Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: May, 2013

488. Balanced Life

Be conservative in theology, but liberal in communication, relationship, and service.

487. Downstream

Protect your head. Point your feet downstream if you fall in.

486. Siblings Forever

We’re your parents and we’ll fight for you, but your siblings will be your closest and most faithful comrades throughout life if you let them. Nurture trust in that relationship and encourage each other often. Go to bat for each other. The investment is well worth the return for a forever friend.

485. Get To Know

You can’t get to know each other in a dark theater.

484. Comfortable Distance

Impropriety can masquerade in friendly clothes. Be friendly to your spouse’s friends, but keep a safe, appropriate distance, and always tell your spouse of any advances by another. It may feel awkward for a moment, but it is never something to hide. Your loyalty is always first to your spouse.

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