Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: May, 2012

444. Logical Life

If a scientist found one single cell on a neighboring planet, they would declare that they had found life.

We should celebrate all the same when we recognize the greater and more certain life growing within a pregnant woman.

This is not open to debate: Pregnancy is life, abortion is death. Science is not silent on this matter, and anyone trying to make the issue subjective or anything less than clear-cut is simply not dealing with the overwhelming facts.

443. Career

Stop trying to get a job; get a career.

442. Classy

Classy is a dark pin-striped suit.

441. Roles

Your role depends on your goal.

Colleen C. Barrett said, “When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers.” And just know that when it comes to dreaming up ways to please the eye, ignite the intellect, and transport the emotions, precisely the opposite is true.

440. Well Spent

You should spend more time taming your tongue than taming your hair; more time training your thoughts than training with weights; more time taking in ideas than spelling out your own; more time seeking truth than gathering verbal ammunition; more time investing in others than seeking your fame; more time arguing for justice than arguing your case.

439. Instrumental Value

There are few things worth what you pay for them. Instruments are one of those things, partially for how long they will last and partially for how well they can communicate from your soul.

438. Homemade Groove

Make homemade instruments.

Blow over the top of a glass bottle. Put wax paper over a plastic hairbrush for a kazoo. Put dry beans in a plastic container for a shaker. Stretch rubber bands or string over a box as a guitar. Make a cube out of wood panels, each with a different thickness for varying tone; cut a three-inch hole in the bottom or side so the sound can escape.

Now groove.

Master that before you pay hundreds for decent instruments.

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