Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: August, 2011

393. Suggested Reading: The Bible

The Bible — undoubtedly the greatest manuscript of all time.

Read it front to back and back to front.

Read it with an eye toward the emotions of God.

Read it to see how God values people, then do the same to others.

Read it to see how Jesus Christ treats the Christian, then do the same to your spouse.

Read it to come boldly alive on the inside.

Read it to touch and be touched by greatness — by eternity.

392. I Love Drums

I love playing the drums. Rhythm, syncopation, tone, the sound . . . even wood grain itself. I love everything about the drums. I love it when I play and when I get to hear other good drummers play. I love a well-placed lick that makes you rewind and hear it again. I love a solid groove. In the pocket is what it’s called. I love volume and finesse, I love drum clinics and music that highlights the technical prowess and caliber of skill that another rhythmic soul possesses.

When I play, I play loud. I am not good at finesse. It is probably not my calling. When I hit a tom, it is heard; it is a good, solid, unmistakable tone. My sticks are worn around the middle because I hit my snare in the middle of the head and on the rim at the same time. That’s called a rimshot and it cuts through every other tone with a khah that can split eardrums. (Just ask my band mates.) Cardboard-sounding snares annoy me, so my snare is always tuned high. Not so high that there is no tone, but high enough to be definitive. I have a 4×14 piccolo snare that is the pride of my instruments. It is gorgeous and has always pleased my ears.

I love drums.

391. Quotes: Frances Bacon on Truth

“What is truth? Said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.”

—Frances Bacon

390. Quotes: Mark Twain on Courage

“Courage is not the lack of fear, it is acting in spite of it.”

—Mark Twain

389. Confidence

A firm handshake and straight answers should say enough.

388. Quotes: Your Dad on Familial Love

“Without love, man finds no great home.”

—Your Dad, poem entitled “Great Home”

387. Clarity

The more alcohol you’ve had, the less your opinion matters.

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