Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: June, 2011

380. Marvel

I maintain that you are not alive to beauty unless you can be compelled to marvel at a roadside flower in silence.

379. Insurance

If you’re paying for it, insure it.

378. Quotes: Your Dad on Great Art

“Great art does not push aside the moral boundaries of the past, it pushes the art form forward. I do not believe that safe and status quo films, though decently acted, should garner awards. Those films which push the art form forward and add to its rich heritage should attain that distinction.”

—Your Dad

377. Grassy Knoll

Lie on the grass on a mild day. Think of the things you have already done and the great things you still have left to do. Now go do one more great thing.

376. Whistlestop

Don’t whistle to the music in a public waiting room.

375. Hints

When a woman starts dropping hints, they cease being hints.

374. Quotes: Your Dad on Liberation

“Virtues liberate us to be fully human, to live enthralled in every moment, to be boldly alive.”

—Your Dad

373. Vices Enslave

There is no slavery so entrenching as any activity or motivation that is the opposite of virtue.

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