Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: October, 2010

318. Website Background

Black backgrounds on websites are usually very bad, especially when it comes to generic blog templates.

317. Resumé

Update your resumé. Better yet, rather than just listing jobs you’ve had, create the resumé that targets the exact career you want.

And don’t be shy about your accomplishments. No one wants to hire second-best.

316. Unafraid

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Do that.

315. False Humility

False humility is as sickening as arrogance. But at least with arrogance, the person is more than willing to admit it.

False humility is overblown pride and self-centeredness, with the faintest sheen of deprecation. It’s bad acting that is jealous for an ever-growing spotlight.

314. Time and Effort

The younger generation always wants in a few years what has taken the older generation many decades to cultivate.

Microwaves only work for food; everything else takes the same amount of energy, but requires more time.

313. Greener Grass

Just so we’re clear, the phrase about the grass being greener somewhere else is a negative.

It highlights immaturity, jealousy, selfishness, a hoarding mentality, a sense of entitlement, a lack of faithfulness or commitment . . . all things you want to mature beyond.

And it’s wrong. The grass isn’t greener until you tend it.

312. Inspired

When you’re inspired, get the idea down into a more solid form. Whatever that means — pen and paper, an instrument of choice, a bit more time awake than usual, a weird experiment — just go with it. It’s worth it.

311. Games

Give children enough space and they’ll create their own games. One of yours, my children, was to start at opposite sides of the yard and run until you bump into each other.

310. Engine Temperature

Your engine’s temperature gauge shouldn’t go over the halfway point. If it does, there’s something wrong. Check your coolant first.

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