Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: February, 2010

251. Clothing Rules

Have a few rules for how you dress.

Some of mine are: No woven belts, only leather; No V-neck shirts of any kind; Learn how to layer; Always wear a t-shirt; Never wear a tank top undershirt (horrifically called a wife-beater).

250. Quotes: Marcus Aurelius on Injustice Being Impiety

“Injustice is impiety. [. . .] And whereas [mankind] had previously been endowed by nature with the means of distinguishing false from true, by neglecting the use of them, he has lost the power. [. . .] And he who pursues pleasure will not abstain from injustice, and this is plainly impiety.”

—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book IX, #1

That first three-word phrase above is, to me, one of the greatest, truest phrases ever penned. Sadly, it is so fraught with assumptions as to be logical swiss cheese.

It is far from axiomatic. But it is really, really good.

249. Stupid

Doing something not in line with your understanding or your ability is how I define being stupid.

It has nothing to do with intelligence or factual recollection as compared with someone else, but with what you chose to do as set against the backdrop of what you are able to do and what you know to do.

248. Spicy

I don’t eat spicy, hot foods because, really, who wants to get burned in the mouth?

247. Quotes: Jill Phillips on God and Money

“No one serves both God and money/
We all know because we’ve tried.”

—Jill Phillips, musician and songwriter, title track from her God and Money album

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