Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: October, 2009

207. Cut Away

Cut away from your body.

206. Name Your Vehicle

Have fun naming your first vehicle.

Mine was called the Brown Turd, a late-’80s gold Datsun that had lost its sheen. After that came the Bondo-mobile, a rusted out ’86 Toyota Corolla with a hole in the trunk so big that you could reach in and take stuff out. Rain was my enemy, but California was my home at that time, so it didn’t rain often. Among other improvements, I epoxied wire screening to the inside of the trunk and covered it with Bondo™. It was a great learning experience.

And it was the first of four free cars I have been given over the years. Yes, four and yes, free.

205. Quotes: John Locke on Intelligibility

“If it is not intelligible, then one must ignore it.”

—John Locke (1632–1704)

204. Train Children

Train your children in courtesy and manners by treating them courteously and with good manners.

203. Please

Please is a magic word not because it makes things happen, but because it goes with everything.

202. Change It Up

If you’re going to cover a song, you should change it up a bit, add your own flavor, or do it better than the original.

Two examples: “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, covered by Pomplamoose (video here) and “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, covered by David Cook on American Idol.

201. Sell Out

If you can ever be bought, it only means one thing: You sold yourself too cheaply.

200. Teamwork Versus Cheating

There is a difference between teamwork and cheating. One is expected, the other is abhorred.

Don’t confuse the two.

199. Write Early

Write your papers ahead of time, then leave them alone for a week or two. When you read them again, you will easily see improvements that need to be made.

198. Weakness

Sheer desperation has a way of weakening every conviction and ethical standard you believed you had.

In a tough situation, never violate something you have held to.

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