Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

133. Good Music

Don’t be fooled by compressed digital music. Good music doesn’t have a background hiss.


132. Friends

Friends are usually not the people who only tell you nice things, they are the ones able to tell you the honest things to your face. They are faithful amidst tension and unwavering in their commitment to your best. A friend is gracious, forgiving, and always encouraging you to attain your best.

Be and keep that kind of friend for life.

131. Bias

Know what a bias is: the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and worldview of a person. Discount the accusation that only religious people are biased. Everyone is biased because everyone has these.

130. Ambiguity

It seems to me that God has given us leeway on many things, but being ambiguous about Him is not one of them.

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