Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: July, 2009

145. Opening

Pick an incredible movie to go to on opening night. Midnight showings have a special air about them.

144. Gourmet

If the restaurant has a drive-through, it’s not gourmet.

143. Parent’s Influence

The parent’s voice is only one among many in the child’s life. It had better be the strongest, clearest, the most encouraging, inviting, and loving.

142. Answers

“Because,” “I don’t know,” and “Because I said so” are not legitimate answers.

141. Parenting Compliment

When someone compliments your parenting, thank them for the courtesy but realize that the jury is still out for another twenty years.

140. Grammar

If you are going to use it wrong, do it to make a point. Do it knowing that it is wrong, not hoping that it is right.

[See incorrect grammar in #139—done to make a point.]

139. Omniscience

The God who rules all things knows which prayers go in which inbox. Send ’em.

138. Many People

If a lot of people come into your hospital room at once, it’s either training time or a team to help explain bad news.

137. Surgeons

Generally, the worse bedside manners surgeons have, the better they are at what they do. Nurses are the ones who should be nice.

136. Moments

Be “in the moment.” Do what you are there to do. Don’t replace the real moment for one you have to create.

No calls, blogging, mobile blogging, tweeting, texting, updating, or communicating with that nebulous “outside world” in the moment. There will be another moment for that. But by the time that moment comes it could be too late.

You are needed now.

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