Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: June, 2009

119. Experience

Getting work experience in a variety of categories is a good idea for many reasons, some of which you won’t realize until later. I suggest fast food, a desk job, manual labor, a restaurant server, a place requiring formal attire, and a place that makes you clean bathrooms. Paying your dues breeds graciousness.

118. Temp

A temp agency is a great way to try all kinds of work.

117. Art

Collect only the artistic pieces that speak to you, draw you, and stay with you after you have looked away — especially local or lesser-known artists. Everything else may be enjoyed in the moment.

116. Stains

Learn how to get stains out of your clothes. Usually it involves rinsing it in cold water and not drying it until it’s out.

115. Thankfulness

Start a notebook in which you list the good things that happen each day. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

114. Beauty, Joy

If you find beauty in everything, joy will be your constant companion.

113. Memories

Wherever you go, do the simple things: take pictures, play games, talk about where you are, close your eyes so you can listen and smell and feel. Be in the moment and the memories will stay with you longer.

112. Double the Cost

When going on a road trip or small vacation, plan your spending but realize you will probably spend more than you planned. Sometimes it’s almost double what you think it will be.

111. Build Credit

Be wise about building credit:

  • Open a revolving account with no more than $1,000
  • Make a few small purchases and pay them off immediately
  • Make one larger purchase and pay it off over time
  • When starting, do not pay off the large purchase all at once
  • Never be late; they will not care why
  • Never use more than two-thirds of what you have available
  • Never commit more than the total of one of your monthly paychecks to credit payments

Debt is not healthy, not admirable, and not freedom. Financial security is.

110. Seek Truth

There are so few Truth-seekers. Most are simply amassing an arsenal against the other side. Be better than that. Be fearless in seeking Truth or Truth will be fearless in hounding you.

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