Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

30. Classics

Read at least one classic each year, but mix it up a bit: a novel, a short story, a collection of poems, a biography, an autobiography, an epic poem. You get the picture.

P.S. — I’ll explain later, but Edgar Allen Poe is our relative. He really knew how to set a strong tone.


29. Find Out

“I don’t know,” is a legitimate answer as long as it is followed by, “but I’ll find out.”

28. Heart Pain

When a friend’s heart is pained, not much needs to be said. Let them talk if they want, or be silent if they need. Most times, the only thing they want is to know you are near and to feel loved.

27. Free Will

The free will is the small, immovable point of the turning world. It is one of the strongest forces in existence.

26. Laughter

Laughter is still the best medicine.

25. Clarity, Simplicity, Excellence

When writing, pursue clarity, simplicity and excellence.

24. Opposing Viewpoints

Do not trust someone who is unwilling to thoroughly investigate an opposing viewpoint. One month of study is not thorough.

23. Science, Morals

Science is perfectly suited to tell us what is and what is not, how processes work and their interrelations. However, it can never tell us what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, what we should or should not do, what we ought or ought not do.

Morals are outside the domain of science. Anyone who insists otherwise is selling something; this is always a bad purchase.

22. Restraint

Have wisdom enough to exercise restraint.

21. Books

Whenever you purchase books, make sure there is enough margin space to make notes.

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