Words from a Father

Husband of One, Father of Four

Month: February, 2009

73. Incompatibility, Inflexibility

Couples do not divorce due to incompatibility as much as inflexibility.

72. Buddy System

The buddy system is not just for school field trips, it works in pretty much every area of life as well.

71. Priorities

  1. God — not ministry.
  2. Spouse — not self.
  3. Children — not your provision, but your presence.

In that order, and wholeheartedly.

70. Growing Up

There is a time and way to help me understand that you are growing up. In the middle of a disagreement isn’t it; those moments don’t help your cause or my understanding.

69. Simplicity, Joy

Neither riches nor poverty are spiritual. Joy amidst simplicity is.

68. Happiness

Very little is needed to be happy in life.

67. Languages

Become fluent in another language.

66. Thought, Action

Think like a person of action. Act like a person of thought.

65. Discernment

The parent’s first priority with children is to discern the difference between immaturity and rebellion. Only then can the appropriate parental response be determined.

64. Moral and Social Weakness

Moral and social weakness is a learned trait — a habit formed by practice — not a personality type. It starts in your thoughts, makes its way into your words, and finally governs your actions.

Being too paralyzed to take a stand does not happen by accident.

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